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Dynamic Engineering They are associated with assembling of different items, for example, Pre-Fabricated Ducts, Forward Curved Blowers, Air Washers, Air Handling Units, Centrifugal blowers, Air Curtains, Air Filters, Ducting and Axial Flow Fans and so forth. They must be extremely exact and precise in assembling to fulfill their clients. They manage issues of stock. T †Series Super Cassettes Industries Limited (SCIL) is a music organization of India. It claims the music mark T-Series. It is likewise a film creation and circulation organization. The sets for the news notice also how the sets been developed for move and other unscripted TV dramas. It was astonishing to know the readiness of the stuffs we watch on TV. Additionally the account studios where current gear change voices of extraordinary vocalists for better yields. Praise Chemical Ltd. Praise Chemicals Limited produces synthetic compounds under the Xanthenes gathering of synthetic substances including manufactured caffeine. It was exceptionally difficult to comprehend their item too fabricating. Nahar Group NAHAR Group of Companies otherwise called OWM Group is a main modern place of northern India, persistently developing and enhancing its business exercises. Nahar Spinning Mills Limited Started out as a little worsted Spinning and Hosiery unit in Ludhiana. A pleasant collaboration with the higher administration helped us with moving bits of knowledge. They have producing process with consistency to interface the flexibly chain of yarn to texture. KDDL Ltd. (Kamla Dials and Devices Ltd.) It is an exceptional maker of excellent watch dials and hands with best in class production lines. It deals with the biggest retail chain in extravagance Swiss watches in the sorted out division through its auxiliary Company, Ethos Limited. We Value our representatives, our ... ...S and MMES, there is consistently parcel of figuring out how to add and changes to be made into own business. Distinctive industry caused me to acknowledge numerous realities that can be useful to make me a fruitful representative and firm to arrive at new statures in the serious market. ïÆ'Ëœ Hiring experts which upgrade business in serious market. ïÆ'Ëœ To incorporate polished methodology to have sorted out method of working together. ïÆ'Ëœ A appropriate HR framework would increment employees’ effectiveness too trust towards the firm. ïÆ'Ëœ Having special plans to make showcase for your items and convert the firm as a brand. ïÆ'Ëœ Implementation of modernized Inventory System with ramifications of IT to amplify productivity in least time. ïÆ'Ëœ To have wellbeing instruments for the insurance of laborers. ïÆ'Ëœ To keep up nature of the item just as aftersales administration which prompts consumer loyalty just as client reliability.

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An Analysis on a Mcdonalds Advertisement Essay Example For Students

An Analysis on a Mcdonalds Advertisement Essay Examination on the McDonalds commercial We have as of late been considering the McDonalds promotion where they have expressed that they are helping Aussie families and the future games stars of tomorrow. They disclose to us that they are connected at the hip with Australian families, yet they just state that since they need more families to go to their nearby McDonalds store. Be that as it may, are they truly helping the games stars. Indeed obviously they are nevertheless they aren’t truly assisting as much as it's been said. Better believe it they do support groups however I am certain that they just do it for the notice on the pullovers. Did you notice that after most sporting event most mentors have a McDonalds voucher to give out. That is another way how McDonalds imagines that they are helping youthful games stars; by giving these vouchers out they are empowering the youthful members yet they are likewise indicating them the best approach to unfortunate food. This makes them work more earnestly to make sure they can get McDonalds. They utilize casual and everyday language to convince individuals of different networks to proceed to purchase this undesirable food so they can bolster their children/little girls/family members or truly anybody that is taking an interest in sport, so they can bolster their fantasies and their objectives for their future objectives. Likewise in light of the fact that they need to ensure that these children can have an appropriate life, not one that is completely destroyed in light of the fact that nobody was there to assist them with arriving at their fantasies and objectives. They accept that they are giving something back to the network by helping the youthful stars of tomorrow. They figure that by helping individuals imagine that they are making the best decision however they are driving the kids down the way of unfortunate food which may wind up prompting being large or in any event, having diabetes which isn’t a decent life for anybody. I am certain that you wouldn’t need to be a youthful grown-up with diabetes, corpulent or have a genuine heart condition. I am certain that the response to that is no. I believe that the McDonalds commercial group should consider what they are driving individuals to before they distribute any genuine ad later on.

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How to Write an Early Decision Essay in Ten Days

How to Write an Early Decision Essay in Ten Days How to Write an Early Decision Essay in 10 Days How to Write an Early Decision Essay in 10 Days This is not a drill. November 1 is 12 days away. Super procrastinators, take heart. We can help you write your essay in just 10 days (and we do recommend submitting your essay at least 24 hours before the official deadline). All you need to do is set aside at least 45 minutes per day to watch a video and work through one crucial step of the writing process at a time. Here’s the breakdown: 1.  Find your essays purpose. The essay plays a different role than your grades or test scores. It is your one opportunity to speak to admissions in your own voice â€" and to jolt them awake from their application-reading-induced slumber. What do you want your essay to tell admissions that they couldn’t learn anywhere else on your application? How will you grab and hold their attention? 2. Review the Common App prompts. Even if you have other essays to write for your early decision or early action school of choice, the Common App essay is the place to start. Read through this year’s prompts and wrap your brain around what the questions are really asking. Then, hide them away and don’t look at them again until you have written a draft. At the end of the day what it most important is the story you want to tell. You can almost always back into one of the Common App prompts once you have honed your topic to perfection. 3. Brainstorm your topic. Stop waiting for divine inspiration. Go out into the world and look for clues. Whether you create lists, take notes on your daily habits, or call up your grandma for ideas, devoting time to brainstorming is the only sure way to uncover your magic topic. 4. Free write your heart out. Once you have brainstormed your way to a magic topic, set aside some time (perhaps three different times throughout the day) to freewrite on what that subject means to you. Get your first thoughts on the page in full and without judgment. Dig for details. You’ll never know what’s inside your brain until you allow it to come out on the page. 5. Sculpt your story. Review your free writes and you’ll probably start to notice patterns. What particular moment or individual sticks out in all of your notes? Is there a word or image that seems significant? Use these clues to organize your story into a preliminary outline. We bet you can even pull complete sentences and paragraphs from your free writes into your first draft. 6. Edit, edit, edit. How can you make sure that first draft is transformed into a mind-blowingly memorable essay? Read it over at least three times. Edit for story. Then edit for clarity at the sentence level. Finally, edit for grammar. 7. Organize those supplements. Most supplemental essays fall into one of a few classic categories, so organization is key. If you are applying early to just one school, make sure you do your research thoroughly so you can fill your essay with relevant details. If you are applying to more than one school, group similar assignments together and work on those essays from longest to shortest. 8. Manage your writers block. We know you know that feeling. Your mind is fuzzy. You’re not really feeling like yourself. Every time you sit down in front of the computer your head hurts and your fingers cramp. You can cure this horrible feeling with a few small mental changes. For starters, lower your standards. Not like, forever. Just for the beginning of the process. You will raise your expectations of yourself later as you refine and polish. When you start, quality is not the issue. The issue is that you turn that scary blank page into one filled with ideas. 9. Refer to example essays in moderation. Poring over dozens of sample college admissions essays immediately before sitting down to write your own can be a debilitating exercise because you may feel compelled to compare your earliest ideas to these final, polished essays. That doesn’t seem fair! That said, we do think that it can sometimes be helpful to read through a few (just a few) to help direct your brain towards the style of the personal narrative. 10. Call for help! After all of your hard work, if you are still wondering if your topic is worth its weight in hamburgers; if you’re not sure whether your story structure is strong enough to support your big idea; even if you’re just wondering whether or not your overall story will create enough fireworks to hold the attention of an admissions advisor for your allotted two minutes of admissions essay fame, CALL US! Or email us: We will personally extract the winning ideas from your noggin with our magic powers (of conversation). About Rebecca SemenetzView all posts by Rebecca Semenetz »

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Marco Polo, the outsider; Ibn Battuta, the insider Essay

Nowadays the wide array of transportation means and infrastructures at our disposal has made it relatively easy for us to travel from one country to another; even when those countries are thousands of miles away from each other. However, during the 13th and 14th centuries, travelling was not that easy. Yet, two men, the Italian tradesman Marco Polo and the Moroccan Jurist Ibn Battuta became famous for having managed to perform extremely long distance journeys away from their home country. At the end of their long travels, both men shared their experiences with the world via the books, The Travels of Marco Polo and The Travels of Ibn Battuta. An analysis of those two texts reveals two things. On one hand, Marco Polo remained a cultural†¦show more content†¦In 1271, Marco Polo’s father and uncle, both merchants from Europe, were requested to return to China for the second time by the Mongol Emperor, Kublai Khan. The purpose of the request made by the Great Khan (Kublai) was to bring back to the Mongol court some holy oil from Jerusalem and â€Å"a hundred men of learning, thoroughly acquainted with the principles of the Christian religion† (Polo 7) to convince the Mongols to convert to Christianity. Marco Polo joined his father and uncle for this second journey to the East. As part of this journey, Polo traveled throughout regions of the Middle East and Central Asia before reaching the final destination. Further, while working for Kublai Khan in China, he was sent on many inspection tours which allowed him to explore most of the provinces of China. In all the regions that were visited along the way, and more so in the case of the Mongol Empire, there was a distinct disparity in the culture as compared to Polo’s native land. Moreover, Marco Polo’s religious disposition towards Christianity set him apart from the people of the region –the Tartars—who , according to the Kublai Khan, where worshippers of â€Å"evil spirits† (Polo 7). These factors placed Marco Polo in the position of an â€Å"outsider† as defined by Hage, i.e. â€Å"someone who does not experience either socio-cultural or political belonging. It is someone whose mental and bodily dispositions have evolved somewhere else and thus feels culturally ‘out of place’.

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Biography of Leonardo Vinci - 880 Words

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15th, 1452 in Vinci, Italy, and died May 2nd, 1519 in Amboise, France (Abbagnano). Leonardo Da Vinci once said, â€Å"I can carry out a sculpture in marble, bronze, or clay; and in painting I can do everything it is possible to do† (Lester, 63). Leonardo was an exceptionally talented artist and everyone recognized this, including himself. To be the greatest does not just mean being the most well known or to have the best quality of work. To be the greatest artist means to take time and put effort into the work, and appreciate the work. To be the greatest artist means to be influential and to inspiring to other artists who wish to learn the same techniques. Leonardo was exactly this. Leonardo Da Vinci put an exceedingly amount of effort into his work and inspired many artists around him. Although he was often unreliable when it came to his work, Leonardo Da Vinci was the greatest artist in European history because of his intense focus on nat ure and perspective, his studies of proportions and mathematics, and because of his influence on a number of artists. It is undeniable that Leonardo Da Vinci put a great deal of time into his work and studied plenty about the physics of nature and perspective. In fact, a great deal of his time revolved around these studies alone. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in notebooks about methodological graphic symbols on procedures of scientific information and on philosophical application, as well as the processes ofShow MoreRelatedLeonardo Da Vinci: A Brief Biography1016 Words   |  4 PagesLEONARDO DA VINCI Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most well-known renaissance artists. He was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Anchiano. People usually know his name related to the Mona Lisa or the Last Supper paintings. However, he was an artist who spends most of his time on his inventions and different interests. As well as his artistic skills, he was also a good mathematician, geometrician, architect, anatomist and engineer. His eager to know many things and his curiosity made him a multidirectionalRead MoreBiography Of Verrocchio s The Great Leonardo Da Vinci Essay1166 Words   |  5 Pagesteachings from Verrocchio would later turn into the signature styles of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. The uses of realistic studies, linear perspective, and religious symbols are just some of the techniques used in The Annunciation. For a while The Annunciation was thought be have been painted by another artist, historians later discovered that it was in fact a piece by Da Vinci. While the most useful pieces by Leonardo speaking in the historical and scientific sense, may not have been the Mona LisaRead MoreLeonardo Da Vinci1629 Words   |  7 PagesHistory 101 | Leonardo Da Vinci | Renaissance Pioneer | | Luis Quelhas | 11/13/2012 | | Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452. His father was a wealthy notary, named  Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci. His mother Caterina was a sixteen year old peasant girl. Leonardo had no surname when born and took the name Da Vinci meaning from Vinci, the small town in Florence where he was born. Throughout his life Leonardo faced many hardships. From 1457 he lived in the household ofRead More Leonardo da vinci Essay923 Words   |  4 Pages Leonardo Da Vinci nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of many worlds. He was a great influence inhis time. Leonardo was known as many things. He was known as a sculptor, architect, writer, musician,philosopher, engineer, and scientist. But most of all he was known for his impressive paintings that influenced the world. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Leonardo was born in Anchiano, Italy on April 15, 1452, to Piero Da Vinci, a prominent publicRead MoreLeonardo Da Vinci : The Most Famous For His Art1448 Words   |  6 Pages3/29/16 Leonardo Da Vinci When hearing the name Leonardo da Vinci, what comes to mind? For many people it will be his artwork. This is because of all of the accomplishments da Vinci has, he is most famous for his art. What many people don’t know was that he was also a scientist, inventor, and philosopher. Da Vinci lived in a time period known as the Renaissance. This was a time of knowledge and enlightenment, and it gave birth to many of the world’s most talented and educated people. Leonardo da VinciRead MoreAnalysis Of Leonardo Da Vinci s Madonna Of The Rocks1014 Words   |  5 Pagesdiscuss: Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, 1452-1519), Madonna of the Rocks, c. 1495-1508, oil on panel, 75Ãâ€"47 in. The National Gallery, London. The subject of the Vinci’s Madonna of the Rocks (Fig 120) portrays four human figures under the cave with a landscape as background. In the center, the modeled Virgin Mary is seated on the ground. By her side is John the Baptist, who she has her arm over. Across fr om John the Baptist, Christ is sitting on the ground, and an angel is next to him. Vinci chooses theRead MoreAnalysis of Da Vincis Work as Being Reflective and Definitive of the Renaissance Period948 Words   |  4 PagesLeonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance Period Objective The objective of this work examines the how Leonardo Da Vincis work is reflective and definitive of the Renaissance period and as well, describes some of Da Vincis art. This work will discuss the use of line, form, color, texture, and materials as found within one of his works and will state reasons this time period was chosen to examine in this work and why it is found to be appealing. Introduction Leonardo Da Vince was born April 15,Read MoreEssay leonardo da vinci637 Words   |  3 Pages Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci was born April 15, 1452, and died May 2, 1519. He would wear pink to make his complexion look fresher. Leonardo never attended public school. He was raised by his single father ( In the mid-1460s the family settled in Florence, where Leonardo was given the best education that Florence, the intellectual and artistic center of Italy, could offer. In Verrocchios Baptism of Christ (http://wwwRead MoreAudrey Claire Henderson Ms. Mcpeak Art1113 3 April 2017899 Words   |  4 PagesApril 2017 Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 in a little farmhouse along the rolling hills of Tuscany. Leonardo was the illegitimate child of a young peasant woman, Caterina, and a respected Florentine notary, Ser Piero. His father was also a wealthy businessman and landowner. He lived with his mother until the age of five and then moved in with his father where he welcomed as a member of the family and received elementary education. At the age of 15, Leonardo began an apprenticeshipRead MoreRenaissance Art : The Renaissance Period867 Words   |  4 Pagesof the world’s most famous artists were working during this time period, including Leonardo da Vinci, and other artists like Sandro Botticelli and Lorenzo Ghiberti. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, better known as Leonardo da Vinci, was a Florentine artist and is probably one of the most recognized artists of the Renaissance. Two of his well-known works include the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci). Another Florentine artist was sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. Ghiberti is known for his

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Janissaries and Chinese Eunuchs Free Essays

Eunuchs and Janissaries In the ancient world, both the east and the west , they had their special system. It depended on the culture of these countries and what they used to. For example, in ancient Chinese, the court was full of maids, princess, concubines and the queen. We will write a custom essay sample on Janissaries and Chinese Eunuchs or any similar topic only for you Order Now But there were plenty of works which was too dirty or too hard for maids to do. They needed men. Not only the high-blooded was super Important, but also they might Influence the power if they colluded with each others. The emperor certainly could not stand them. So he made a decision that castrating the eunuchs. Term hundreds of years, there were a good deal of eunuchs that tried to rebel, tried to rob or steal the power. Eventually emperor forbid eunuchs to ask anything about politics. It did work. Janissaries was also the salary group which worked for emperor. However, It recruited the children from 7 to 10 years old by devilries. They must be trained for more than 10 years and then they fight as the strongest and honesties army Instead of doing dirty and heavy work In court. The reason why they are the honesties people was not only the ten-year train but also the agreeable reward. It seems that every officers, provincial governors even the vizier, one of the powerful jobs chose their generation from Janissaries. Such a considerable bonus was great enough to make Janissaries do their best for their lord. However, the ages from 7 to 20 are supposed to be the most wonderful memory for each person. Disclaimers broke them and take back a bloody battleground. I can not stand it. Although eunuchs can not have fun with their dream lover, but that was their choices. They wanted to get a life without poor . Those were what they paid for. Janissaries can choose nothing. It was unfair. It was not humanistic. How to cite Janissaries and Chinese Eunuchs, Papers

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Religious Fundamentalism and Its Effect on Society an Example of the Topic Government and Law Essays by

Religious Fundamentalism and Its Effect on Society 1. Introduction This paper seeks to discuss liberal interpretations of the Scripture (Bible, Koran, Torah, etc.) that have been used to support prejudice, justify slavery, sexism, war, ban textbooks and deny the rights of gays and lesbians. This paper takes the position that fundamentalism is a form of oppression that is driven by the need for a man to control and manipulate for power and that this goes against the true meaning of the Scriptures. The existence of 10 commandments throughout most Scriptures could provide evidence of existence of religious fundamentalism among significant religions. Need essay sample on "Religious Fundamentalism and Its Effect on Society" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed University Students Frequently Tell EssayLab specialists: How much do I have to pay someone to write my essay online? Specialists propose: Best Student Essay Writing Company Cheap Essay Writing Collage Papers For Sale Essay Paper Writing Service 2. Analysis and Discussion Although it may be argued that a great number of experts and analysts refer to the rise of Islamic terrorism as a new phenomenon, to be more deadly and more simple-minded than the more traditional terrorism associated with separatist and nationalist movements, still others may term the Islamists as if they are some inexplicable and incomprehensible people with suicidal tendencies as the same people make no demands and take no credit for their acts of terror (Mattil, n.d.). Mattil (n.d.) however noted the lack of monopoly of the Islamist behavior when he pointed out the surprising similarities between Islamic, Christian and Jewish fundamentalists. He argued that religious fundamentalists often share some common traits and motivations with secular dissidents engaged in political violence. He inferred as result that perhaps the most alarming situation is the convergence of fundamentalist interests and the potential for a global holy war. As this paper takes the position that fundamentalism is a form of oppression that is driven by the need for a man to control and manipulate for power, this paper believed these religious fundamentalists must be motivated by common emotion which is behind that manipulative need for power. Such emotion is called fear.Winston Churchill has warned that people have not to fear but fear itselg. These words appear to match with sweeping political accuracy with what is happening now. Mattil (n.d.) argued that fear was the only motivating factor behind political violence as fear comes out as the reason given by people why they have, kill or die for a cause. Mattil (n.d.) further argued that religious fundamentalists get united by their fears.He explained that whether these fundamentalists are Christians, Muslims or Jews, fear is the common denominator. As to what they actually fear varies. It could be fear of change or modernization and loss of influence. The same people may also fear the young will abandon the churches, mosques and synagogues for physical and material gratification. In other aspects fear could extend to fearing the influence of mass media, and its ability to undermine the young with different form of entertaining arts in the form of song, dance, fashion, alcohol , drugs, sex and even freedom itself. In short there is fear about the loss of control in the future about the members of their group. These fears are believed to be common among traditionalist Muslims as they are with traditionalist Jews and Christians. Thus one could hear the same concerns about moral decay, decadence, and the influence of the wicked. It is this area of peoples lives that there are indeed evils taught to them by their religious leaders. Since fears resonate loudest among those people who are poor or are lacking hope due to frustration from political and economic systems which they could hardly understand or control, religion will provide the meaning and it assures them hope if not materially at least for future salvation. Thus it should not be surprising for the observant-type of people to understand that fear does make connection for the many nationalist, separatist and independence movements as hey end up in political violence. Mattil (n.d.) believed that although experts, academics and analysts hypothesize about a multitude of causal effects that will produce violence, the thing that is not seen yet could completely explain things is that fear is the underlying motivator. Mattil (n.d.) further argued that core characteristics of social beings which include common values, religion, culture, language, and tradition for them to survive and prosper as group create the bonding when they fear something especially loss of survival. In these peoples attempt to change the situation, they could do many things like exaggerating the threats so that bonding gets harder and more meaningful to move them under a common cause, which will finally end up with their religion which gets twisted when people have no other hope but their beliefs. Mattil (n.d.) cited as examples the case of Northern Ireland conflict where both sides fear changes that will erode their nationality, language or culture or with it their economic opportunity. He noted similar motivations in Palestine and Israel and among the Kurds of Turkey, Iraq and Iran. What then is the connection of group of people fearing something with religious fundamentalism? Fundamentalism gets born as these groups fearing many things will have to unify themselves under a common solution or a divine truth.Mattil (n.d.) then argued that a movement cannot willfully and openly admit its fears for doing so would mean admitting weakness and despair. The result instead was to develop a positive political or theological proposition and agenda. Thus one could now see the creation of religious fundamentalism as driven by fear, under a unique version of a revealed Truth for each religion to see the reason for complete participation. Since truths cannot be temporal, thus the belief must inerrant. Gods word becomes the perfect way to justify the proposition. Thus the Bible, the Koran and Torah could have similarities under the proposition. Hence parts if not all of the Ten Commandments from the Book of Exodus could have similar or equivalent version in the Koran (Arshed, 2003) and the Torah. This fear necessitates an enemy which could be the devil, rival church, religious liberals, God-denying communists, or some other incarnation of evil. The resulting irrational religious anger demands a target, hence the need for an enemy (Spong, 1992). Because of the fear of eternal damnation that has characterized believers of religious fundamentalism, the true meaning of the Scriptures which is brotherhood to all men is sacrificed at the altar of the need to manipulate and control others for the sake of trying to preserve or prevent the evolution of human intellect into higher realms of spirituality. The newly discovered truth as far as these religious groups are concerned is that they need to justify many things for their survival. The first one is that religious fundamentalism has justified slavery. The bible was used to justify owning slaves and biblical writings were resorted to promote and justify the slavery institution (Mathza, 2007). The second instance is that religious fundamentalism has justified sexism. Since sexism may be taken to mean any discriminatory or abusive behavior against the opposite sex the fact the women is equated to evil because they are not allowed to assume major part of church activities. Women would also be blamed if the men have done something wrong because of strong religious belief that only women are evil (Spong, 1992). On this basis it could be inferred that religion was created by men and those women are to remain as subjects of men in religion. This is evident in the Catholic faith were women cannot become priest. If these women want to serve in their faith they just become nuns but they will obey priest because that is what religion has taught them. This is glaring evidence that sexism is justified by religious fundamentalism. As to justification of war, the attack of terrorists as done by members of Islamic world, it could be argued that the religious fundamentalism is the culprit. On the other hand if the attack of the US on Iraq is considered a war, then religious fundamentalism has indeed justified war hiding under the wardrobe of political democracy. Religious fundamentalism has justified banning of textbooks. For some Islamic countries which ban the bible, the same countries may be considered to have banned text books also related to biblical literature. Religious fundamentalism has justified denial of the rights of gays and lesbian in a number of occasions. To cite proof Kili and Uncu (1998) asserted homosexuality is prohibited with Islamic law. They authors cited the basis for such practice under the Koran which talks about the tribe of Lur, in which men had sex with men. In that event these men having sex with their kind are punished for the transgression by way of Allah sending stones that had rained down on them from the sky. By such teachings, Turkish children are brought to have religious faith that lesbians and gay men are sinners. This is the reason why homosexuality is seen as threat to the family and by extension to society as a whole (Kili and Uncu, 1998). 3. Conclusion This paper has demonstrated clearly that religious fundamentalism is a form of oppression that is driven by the need for a man to control and manipulate for power and which is basically rooted in fear. It was in seeking the solution towards the truth that religious fundamentalism was born but this paper believes that the same is still against the true spirit of Scriptures because the deeper meaning of which is charity and brotherhood to all then regardless of religious affiliation. Until religious groups practicing fundamentalism will see this reality, the manipulation for power is bound to continue. References: Arshed (2003), Islam Supports Bibles TEN Commandments, {www document} URL,, Accessed April 30, 2008 Kili and Uncu (1998), Turkey Country Report Mathza (2007) Extreme Islamic Fundamentalism Mattil, James (n.d.) What in the Name of God? Religious Fundamentalism, Fear & Terrorism Spong (1992),Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, Harper One